Excavations at Caerfai
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Caerfai excavation 2022 Hello, my name is Eirlys Happs, I’m 19 years old. I’m from Carmarthen in south Wales. Archaeology is a passion of mine.   After finishing college and deciding not to attend university yet, I fell into a slump many know well. During this time I began to rekindle my love for the Welsh language and missed speaking it as often as I used to. I attended a Welsh first language primary school despite being raised till then, singly in English.  Eirlys with their trowel and hand shovel, ready to dig! Prior to this I had only ever had a passing interest in history and had never considered archaeology past the occasional episode of Time Team. However this set in motion the drive that led me to dig at Caerfai this year. I love celtic cultures, languages and art styles among many aspects of history.  I love celtic cultures, languages and art styles among many aspects of history. On my first day I dug in the rampart trench, a deep cross section of the ditch. Part of four towering banks, which would’ve originally been not only bigger but more grand. The magnificent earthworks were most likely used to

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