Excavations at Caerfai
Hannah Genders Boyd

Blog gwirfoddolwr Caerfai: Eirlys Happs

Caerfai excavation 2022 Hello, my name is Eirlys Happs, I’m 19 years old. I’m from Carmarthen in south Wales. Archaeology is a passion of mine.   After finishing college and deciding not to attend university yet, I fell into a slump many know well. During this time I began to rekindle my love for the Welsh language and missed speaking it as often as I used to. I attended a Welsh first language primary school despite being raised till then, singly in English.  Eirlys with their trowel and hand shovel, ready to dig! Prior to this I had only ever

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Llongddrylliad yr Albion ar lanw isel
Rachael Garside

Llongddrylliad ‘The Albion’

‘Would you like to spend the day with us on the beach at Marloes, surveying the wreck of The Albion?’  was an invitation I couldn’t refuse.   A month into my new role as PR and Marketing Manager for the CHERISH

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Edward Pollard

Reencaheragh: caer gyda golygfeydd mynachaidd

Introduction Boats leaving Portmagee taking passengers to the Skelligs pass by Reencaheragh Castle on the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland. CHERISH began studying the site because it is being actively eroded by the sea and our research has also

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