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Aerial view of Ferriter’s Promontory Fort and Castle, where the CHERISH excavation will take place this summer.
Sandra Henry

Ferriters Castle & Promontory Fort Excavation

Introduction The CHERISH team plan to carry out archaeological excavations at Ferriter’s Castle and Promontory Fort once current restrictions allow. The site is located on the Ballyferriter Headland, Dingle peninsula in Co. Kerry. Doon Point (Dún an Fheirtéaraigh) is a long, narrow promontory extending slightly over five hundred metres from north east to south west. Beautiful views from this site include Sybil head to the north and the Blasket Islands to the west. This prehistoric fort is one of 95 coastal promontory forts in County Kerry, and one of 508 such forts recorded around the Irish coastline. Promontory forts are

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Dan Hunt and Toby Driver surveying with the drone on Crocksydam headland (CHERISH Project 2020)
Toby Driver

Stacks, Cliffs and Cauldrons

‘The curved rampart fortifying it towards the land, stretched from this sheltered acclivity to the other side of the isthmus, where the cliffs are formidably precipitous, inclosing a very large space, in the centre of which the Cauldron yawns most

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