News Letter

The 6-year CHERISH project is focused on the survey and recording of priority stretches of coastline and inshore waters within the funding area of the Ireland-Wales 2014-2020 Programme, particularly where data and knowledge gaps exist. Joint-nation coastal and island project work is focused on heritage sites along eroding coastlines and in low-lying areas vulnerable to sea-level rise and inundation. Coastal lagoons and wetlands with high palaeoenvironmental potential are also under study.
Joint-nation maritime survey areas complement coastal priority zones with work targeted towards undersea wrecks of high archaeological, historical and climate change potential. The selected areas are geologically distinct with significant cultural heritage sites represented in each of the areas. Different approaches, methodologies and recording practices are being implemented on the various sites to develop best practice for recording cultural heritage at risk due to weather and coastal processes that are being accelerated by climate change.
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